V. Keith Wells

Education and Background

Keith Wells was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida.  After graduating Tate  High School, he earned his Bachelor of Science at Troy University in 1979. Following his passion for justice and the law, he then attended Samford University Cumberland School of Law and earned his Juris Doctor. Since 1983, Keith has lived in Gulf Breeze although his office is still in the East Hill Neighborhood of Pensacola.  He has a wife and two children.  For over three decades, attorney Keith Wells has focused on social security law. Besides representing adults with claims,  his law firm is one of the few in Northwest Florida that represents families with their claim for children’s SSI benefits.

A Reputation of Excellence

Throughout his many years of specializing in social security law, attorney Keith Wells has firmly established a reputation of excellence among both peers and clients. Among his peers, he is given accolades for his compassion, tenacity and in-depth knowledge of social security law and its application. Among his many clients, he is highly valued for his client-centric approach, steadfastness and carefully developed legal strategies for a win.

The Approach: Attorney Keith Wells

Whether you’re filing for social security disability benefits, appealing a denial or are faced with a notice of cessation, attorney Keith Wells can help. He works closely with his client with what’s needed for success. The simple fact is that many SSI and SSDI claimants don’t know how to fill out the required paperwork properly or how to prepare their case for a hearing. Attorney Keith Wells knows what specific thresholds are required by Social Security and knows exactly what disability judges look for.

If you’re initial claim has been denied by Social Security, Keith Wells knows all the levels of appeals and guides clients through each one. At the same time, he will develop a specific legal strategy to address the basis for the denial. Most SSDI and SSI claims that are denied require a hearing in front of an administrative law judge or Social Security officer if you appeal the denial. Keith will prepare your case and prep you for testimony before any hearings. Perhaps, more medical documentation is needed or a medical opinion is needed from a higher level medical professional. For example, in the case of a mental disability, medical documentation may be needed from a psychiatrist instead of a physician or nurse practitioner. Either way, Keith will have you prepared with what you need. If you’re facing a social security disability issue, call attorney Keith Wells for a free consultation. There are no fees unless he wins your case for you. Call today.

Community Service

Keith believes it is important to give back to his hometown that has given him so much.  As an active member of Olive Baptist Church, he regularly donates free legal services for the Church and its members.  He also feels strongly about the value of education for children.  Besides being one of the few area attorneys that advocates for children’s social security claims, he works to increase the quality of youth education by sitting on the Board of local elementary and middle schools.  With two children of his own, Keith knows how important it is to provide our children and youth with education and a positive environment.

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